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Free-living amoebae as an environmental host for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis

Yann Héchard , Ascel Samba-Louaka , Etienne Robino , Thierry Cochard , Willy Aucher , et al.
14. International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis, International Association for Paratuberculosis. INT., Jun 2018, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Conference papers hal-02733605v1
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Pratiques agroécologiques en micro-fermes maraîchères : Influence de la culture sur butte et de l'association de cultures sur les performances végétales de la tomate et des nématodes bioindicateurs du fonctionnement du sol

Jeremy Detrey
Sciences et techniques de l'agriculture. Université de Poitiers, 2021. Français. ⟨NNT : 2021POIT2257⟩
Theses tel-03276952v1

Invasive Candida bovina Infection, France

Kévin Brunet , Alida Minoza , Blandine Rammaert , Vincent Portet-Sulla , Florent Hubert , et al.
Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2020, 26 (3), pp.626-627. ⟨10.3201/eid2603.191371⟩
Journal articles hal-02980665v1

Évaluation régionale des connaissances sur les services rendus par la biodiversité au fonctionnement des socio-écosystèmes des paysages herbagers (prairies permanentes et bocages)

Alard Didier , Jean-Marc Arranz , Marie-Lise Benot , Vincent Bretagnolle , Julia Clause , et al.
ECOBIOSE : le rôle de la biodiversité dans les socio-écosystèmes de Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Rapport de synthèse, pp.208-243, 2020
Book sections hal-03134577v1

Growth of Arabidopsis thaliana in rhizobox culture system evaluated through the lens of root microbiome

Anne Mercier , Laure Mignerot , Nils Hennion , Kevin Gravouil , Benoît Porcheron , et al.
Plant and Soil, 2020, 455, pp.467-487. ⟨10.1007/s11104-020-04650-w⟩
Journal articles hal-02937480v1

The complete mitogenome of the invasive spiny-cheek crayfish Orconectes limosus (Rafinesque, 1817) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Cambaridae)

Han Ming Gan , Huan You Gan , Yin Peng Lee , Frederic Grandjean , Christopher Austin
Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 2013, 24 (1), pp.6-7. ⟨10.3109/19401736.2015.1007326⟩
Journal articles hal-02646254v1
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Presence of Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria Including Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Associated with Environmental Amoebae

Vincent Rochard , Thierry Cochard , Stéphanie Crapart , Vincent Delafont , Jean-Louis Moyen , et al.
Animals, 2023, 13 (11), pp.1781. ⟨10.3390/ani13111781⟩
Journal articles hal-04172313v1
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Negative relationship between woody species density and size of urban green spaces in seven European cities

Marta Alós Ortí , Joan Casanelles-Abella , François Chiron , Nicolas Deguines , Tiit Hallikma , et al.
Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 2022, 74, pp.127650. ⟨10.1016/j.ufug.2022.127650⟩
Journal articles hal-03711402v1
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Occurrence data for the two cryptic species of Cacopsylla pruni (Hemiptera: Psylloidea)

Nicolas Sauvion , Jean Peccoud , Christine N. Meynard , David Ouvrard
Biodiversity Data Journal, 2021, 9, pp.e68860. ⟨10.3897/BDJ.9.e68860⟩
Journal articles hal-03230951v2

Variability of the response of human vaginal Lactobacillus crispatus to 17β-estradiol

Maximilien Clabaut , Amine Boukerb , Amine Ben Mlouka , Amandine Suet , Ali Tahrioui , et al.
Scientific Reports, 2021, 11 (1), ⟨10.1038/s41598-021-91017-5⟩
Journal articles hal-03326611v1
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Science learning in biodiversity citizen science: Inputs from the analysis of online social interactions within a contributory project for pollinators' monitoring

Baptiste Bedessem , Ana-Cristina Torres , Colin Fontaine , Nicolas Deguines
Biological Conservation, 2022, 276, pp.109807. ⟨10.1016/j.biocon.2022.109807⟩
Journal articles hal-03874485v1

Males prefer virgin females, even if parasitized, in the terrestrial isopod Armadillidium vulgare

Margot Fortin , Catherine Debenest , Catherine Souty-Grosset , Freddie-Jeanne Richard
Ecology and Evolution, 2018, 8 (6), pp.3341 - 3353. ⟨10.1002/ece3.3858⟩
Journal articles hal-01891928v1

Predicting suitable habitats of four range margin amphibians under climate and land-use changes in southwestern France

Clémentine Préau , Francis Isselin-Nondedeu , Yann Sellier , Romain Bertrand , Frédéric Grandjean
Regional Environmental Change, 2019, 19, pp.27-38. ⟨10.1007/s10113-018-1381-z⟩
Journal articles hal-01891968v1

Niche modelling to guide conservation actions in France for the endangered crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in relation to the invasive Pacifastacus leniusculus

Clémentine Préau , Iris Nadeau , Yann Sellier , Francis Isselin‐nondedeu , Romain R. Bertrand , et al.
Freshwater Biology, 2020, 65 (2), pp.304-315. ⟨10.1111/fwb.13422⟩
Journal articles hal-02505394v1
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Biopréservation de matrices lactées par des ferments bactériens

Meg Rouxel
Science des productions animales. Université de Poitiers, 2019. Français. ⟨NNT : 2019POIT2279⟩
Theses tel-02473098v1
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Modifications of the chemical structure of phenolics differentially affect physiological activities in pulvinar cells of Mimosa pudica L. II. Influence of various molecular properties in relation to membrane transport

Françoise Rocher , Gabriel Roblin , Jean-François Chollet
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24 (8), pp.6910-6922. ⟨10.1007/s11356-016-6048-z⟩
Journal articles hal-02115703v1
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Identification et caractérisation de composés produits par des bactéries environnementales pour la lutte biologique contre Legionella pneumophila

Marie-Hélène Corre
Chimie analytique. Université de Poitiers, 2018. Français. ⟨NNT : 2018POIT2309⟩
Theses tel-02461235v1
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The Sugar-Signaling Hub: Overview of Regulators and Interaction with the Hormonal and Metabolic Network

Soulaiman Sakr , Ming Wang , Fabienne Dédaldéchamp , Maria-Dolores Perez-Garcia , Laurent Ogé , et al.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2018, 19 (9), pp.2506. ⟨10.3390/ijms19092506⟩
Journal articles hal-01891832v1

Host tissues as microhabitats for Wolbachia and quantitative insights into the bacterial community in terrestrial isopods

Jessica Dittmer , S. Beltran-Bech , J Lesobre , M Raimond , M Johnson , et al.
Molecular Ecology Notes, 2014, 23 (10), pp.2619-2635. ⟨10.1111/mec.12760⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01078500v1

Ephemeroptera communities as bioindicators of the suitability of headwater streams for restocking with white-clawed crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes

J. Jandry , M. Brulin , B. Parinet , F. Grandjean
Ecological Indicators, 2014, 46, pp.560-565. ⟨10.1016/j.ecolind.2014.07.005⟩
Journal articles hal-01078467v1

Sensitivity of free-living amoeba trophozoites and cysts to water disinfectants.

Mathieu Dupuy , Florence Berne , Pascaline Herbelin , Marie Binet , Nelsie Berthelot , et al.
International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 2014, 217, pp.335-339. ⟨10.1016/j.ijheh.2013.07.007⟩
Journal articles hal-00934566v1

Are dentists enough aware of infectious risk associated with dental unit waterlines?

Amélie Robert , Amélie Bousseau , Damien Costa , Vanessa Barbot , Christine Imbert
Bulletin- Groupement International pour la Recherche Scientifique en Stomatologie et Odontologie, 2013, 52 (1), pp.29-34
Journal articles hal-00934589v1

Antimicrobial interest of essential oils extracted from Tunisian plants

N. Chaftar , M. Girardot , C. Imbert , T. Berges , J. Labanowski , et al.
Planta Medica, 2012, 78 (11), pp.1129-1129. ⟨10.1055/s-0032-1320620⟩
Journal articles hal-00820222v1

Severe conservation risks of roads on apex predators

Itxaso Quintana , Edgar Cifuentes , Jeffrey Dunnink , María Ariza , Daniela Martínez-Medina , et al.
Scientific Reports, 2022, 12 (1), pp.2902. ⟨10.1038/s41598-022-05294-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03781079v1

Hepatic metabolism of chlorinated derivatives of bisphenol A (ClxBPA) and interspecies differences between rats and humans

N. Plattard , N. Venisse , P. Carato , A. Dupuis , Sami Haddad
Archives of Toxicology, 2022, 96 (3), pp.783-792. ⟨10.1007/s00204-021-03217-7⟩
Journal articles hal-03781106v1
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Reduced n‑3 highly unsaturated fatty acids dietary content expected with global change reduces the metabolic capacity of the golden grey mullet

Marie Vagner , Jose-Luis Zambonino-Infante , David Mazurais , Nathalie Imbert‑auvray , Natascha Ouillon , et al.
Marine Biology, 2014, 161 (11), pp.2547-2562. ⟨10.1007/s00227-014-2526-3⟩
Journal articles hal-01079830v1
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How wild bees find a way in European cities: Pollen metabarcoding unravels multiple feeding strategies and their effects on distribution patterns in four wild bee species

Joan Casanelles‐abella , Stefanie Müller , Alexander Keller , Cristiana Aleixo , Marta Alós Orti , et al.
Journal of Applied Ecology, 2022, 59 (2), pp.457-470. ⟨10.1111/1365-2664.14063⟩
Journal articles hal-03385649v1

Feminising Wolbachia disrupt Armadillidium vulgare insulin‐like signalling pathway

Benjamin Herran , Camille Houdelet , Maryline Raimond , Carine Delaunay , Nicolas Cerveau , et al.
Cellular Microbiology, 2021, ⟨10.1111/cmi.13381⟩
Journal articles hal-03343182v1

Co-grafting of amino-poly(ethylene glycol) and Magainin I on a TiO2 surface: tests of antifouling and antibacterial activities.

Jessie Peyre , V. Humblot , C. Méthivier , J.M. Berjeaud , C.-M. Pradier
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012, 116, pp.13839-47. ⟨10.1021/jp305597y⟩
Journal articles hal-00808576v1

Candidoses associées aux cathéters : Quelle place pour les verrous antifongiques ?

Estelle Cateau , Marie-Hélène Rodier , Christine Imbert
Médecine/Sciences, 2012, 28 (8-9), pp.740-5. ⟨10.1051/medsci/2012288016⟩
Journal articles hal-00763544v1