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of the PRéTI laboratory (UR 24184)

For several decades, physiology in Poitiers, and more specifically cellular electrophysiology, has built up a strong reputation in France and internationally, both in terms of its research activity and the quality of its teaching. Several laboratories on the university of Poitiers have contributed to this development, and it is now the PRéTI laboratory (Physiopathologie et Régulation des Transports Ioniques – Pathophysiology and Regulation of Ion Transport) that plays this role with the 4CS laboratory (Laboratory Channels and Connexins in Cancer and Cell Stemness) headed by Bruno Constantin.

Created on 1 january 2022, the PRéTI laboratory is a research unit of the University of Poitiers (UR 24184), attached to the Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Sciences.

Based in the Biology and Health Cluster on the university's east campus, the laboratory's activities focus on the study of ionic transport. The approach taken is not only fundamental in identifying and characterising the ionic movements involved in the physiology of specific organs, but also pathophysiological in order to envisage new therapeutic and pharmacological avenues. Our main study models encompass epithelial cells, skeletal muscle cells and cardiac cells, and define our three major areas of research.

  • Arrhythmias and Cellular Interfaces
  • Physiology and pharmacology of transepithelial ion transport and Human diseases
  • Muscle function and myogenesis: Ion Fluxes and Muscle Plasticity

Jean-François Faivre, Director of PRéTI

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